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Finding a local auto insurance company you trust is the first step in finding the ideal coverage for you, your vehicle, and your family. If you need auto or truck insurance in Nashville, area, Montgomery & Associates Insurance Agency would love to earn your business. We have offices and car insurance agents in the Nashville area, specifically Brentwood and Murfreesboro, TN. Our agents love working with our customers face to face whenever possible.

How to Buy Auto Insurance

 First, research local car insurance providers and interview two or three. Check references and/or online reviews. Once you are comfortable with a company or a particular agent, securing the right level of coverage will be easy. National companies are fine too. Many of our customers prefer an independent agency. They desire to know their agents personally so they are familiar with their specific situation and are made aware of any life changes. That is what we offer at Montgomery & Associates, a small-town feel with big company experience and knowledge.

Second, make sure that your auto insurance coverage meets the Tennessee state minimum insurance requirements. At Montgomery & Associates, we recommend some basic levels of coverage beyond what the state of Tennessee requires.

Ask an agent about recommended vehicle coverage levels in Tennessee 

Third, consider optional insurance coverage that can provide you with extra protection to reduce risk without paying for coverage you don’t need.

Fourth, consider available discounts. Carriers offer a number of discounts that can reduce premiums and make your insurance expense much more affordable. Examples include discounts to good students, farm or ranch vehicle use, bundling insurance policies, automatic payments, multi-car discounts, and safety feature discounts (such as anti-theft, anti-lock brakes, alternative fuel, and, passive restraints). 

Finally, it’s important to consider the different insurance carriers and prices to keep the premiums affordable and determine which is best for you. Be sure the agency you choose has a wide selection of automotive carriers. At Montgomery & Associates, we offer multiple insurance quotes to save you money.

Student Car Insurance Discounts

We serve many Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) students in our Murfreesboro location. They are often eligible for student discounts. We understand that college students often look for the cheapest vehicle insurance options. At Montgomery & Associates, we do all we can to keep premiums affordable. Carriers often offer discounts for students with good grades.  Ask a question about auto insurance coverage

At Montgomery & Associates we are an experienced auto insurance company that can help you through the complex insurance process of insuring your vehicle. We will find the right insurance carrier and the right plan to fit your needs. For an auto insurance quote, talk to a broker at our auto insurance agency by calling us at (615) 829-8457

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Finding the Right Car or Truck Insurance Plan

To find the perfect auto insurance coverage for your vehicles, you will need to look at the following factors:

Auto Insurance Carriers: Multiple Quotes

There are many different insurance carriers you can choose from, including companies like MetLife, Safeco, and Progressive. Having a variety of carriers helps you obtain the right coverage at the best price. Our agents are trained to run multiple quotes for each customer.

Tennessee Car Insurance Minimums

For your Tennessee vehicle, you will need a minimum of $25,000 in liability insurance per injury or death and $50,000 for total injuries or deaths, as well as $15,000 in property damage insurance per accident.

Insurance Prices:

As long as your insurance meets the state minimums, you can compare plan prices to choose the best one for your budget. 

Optional Auto Coverage

 Extra insurance makes sense for many people, although it is not required by the state of Tennessee. Nonetheless, sometimes extra insurance is required if you are paying off a car loan or leasing a vehicle. Optional insurance includes higher coverage amounts, collision insurance, uninsured motorist insurance and other choices. 

An auto insurance broker at Montgomery & Associates can guide you through the process of picking between carriers, finding the lowest prices and getting the right amount of coverage. We do not represent a single insurance carrier, so we will show you your options, including ones that might not be available to you without an agency.

We will make our best effort to find you the best prices between the different carriers and plan options. We work to get you just the right level of coverage, which means meeting state minimums and choosing optional coverage that works for your situation, without going overboard with insurance you don’t need. Request an auto insurance quote online.
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