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Why Buy Homeowners Insurance

Since 2010 Montgomery and Associates agents have provided homeowners coverage. For many of us, our home is our most valuable asset. It should be properly insured to cover your property. Homeowners insurance actually does more than that. It also protects the homeowner from liability for injuries that may occur on your property and property damage you or your family may cause to others. Of course if you have a mortgage, your lender also has a vested interest and requires this insurance. It is truly a “must have’ in our industry.

Quotes for Homeowners Insurance

Our agency has relationships with a number of home insurance carriers. Examples include MetLife, Progressive, and Travelers. By providing quotes from different carriers our agency is able to secure the best coverage at the best rates. Our agents advise you so you will know everything that is covered within your policy and your coverage limits. We will also review your policy with you annually to ensure you ar properly covered. We have agents available in our Murfreesboro and Brentwood locations to serve you.

What Types of Coverages are Included in a Homeowners Policy

Homeowner’s policies are actually bundled and consist of several coverages. Below is a list of what is covered under a standard policy:

  • Damage to the Structure of your Home

    Properly covered homeowners will have their homes rebuilt or repaired when they suffer damage or are destroyed by windstorms, hurricanes, fire, hail, lightning, explosions, falling objects, and other disasters. Some exclusions apply such as floods and earthquakes, which require separate coverage.
  • Bodily Injury Liability

    In the event someone not residing in your home gets injured, your homeowner’s insurance helps cover your family against lawsuits and other expenses involved.
  • Property Damage Liability

    An example of this coverage is if your pet damages your neighbor’s furniture. You will be covered for the expense of defending a lawsuit and any resulting award issued by the court.
  • Personal Belongings

    This coverage protects your belongings in the event of theft, vandalism, or damage from a natural disaster. Personal belongings include household appliances, furniture, clothing, and other personal items. More expensive items may not be covered and may require a separate policy. These include things such as high end collectibles, jewelry, and guns.
    Contact Montgomery & Associates Insurance Agency for options to better insure these highly valuable items.

Flood Insurance Versus Homeowners Policy

Everyone remembers Nashville’s flood of 2010. If we didn’t know about flood insurance prior to that, we all learned quickly the value of this policy. Yes, it is a separate policy from a homeowners policy. Some water damage may be covered under your homeowners policy. For instance, water damage resulting from your son leaving the bathtub faucet running during an episode of “Daniel Tiger,” may in fact be covered under your homeowner's policy (for instance if your child left the bathtub faucet on and flooded the house). Ask a Montgomery & Associates Insurance agent for more information on our flood insurance policies. We have agents to serve you in Brentwood and Murfreesboro TN.


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