Auto Repair Shop Business Insurance Program

Montgomery & Associates Insurance Agency is proud to provide business insurance for the Automotive industry in the Middle Tennessee area.  We have specialized Insurance Agents that know the Auto Repair business and how to tailor each piece of insurance for your businesses specific needs.  With our attention to detail and exceptional service for our Auto Repair clientele we are glad to provide coverage for car repair and maintenance shops, auto body and collision repair, specialty shops such as transmission shops and engine repair centers.

Garage Liability Insurance

In case of any unfortunate accidents, mishaps or injuries that can and at some point, will occur while conducting business on or away from your premise, insurance coverage for your Auto Repair business is crucial. Coverage for injuries to technicians or technician error while servicing a customer’s vehicle on or off site is available through Montgomery & Associates businesses insurance for car repair shops in and around Middle Tennessee.

Garagekeepers Insurance

Garagekeepers coverage is an optional line offering protection to the garage business for loss to a customer’s auto left in the insured’s care, custody or control. The policy clarifies that by saying, “while the insured is attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing it in your garage operations.”

All garagekeepers intends to accomplish is to buy back the coverage lost in the care, custody or control exclusion under the liability portion of the garage form.

Car Repair Shop Property Insurance

As a car repair business owner, your livelihood, life and future of your business could be devastated by unforeseen events, crippling you both financially and emotionally. Auto Repair business property insurance will cover your property, equipment, and the tools of your employees.

Business Automotive Insurance

Your Auto Repair business insurance allows you to cover both yourself and your employees while driving a customer’s car relating to a service appointment. It also will cover your employees if they are involved in an accident while driving their own vehicle for the needs of your business.

Business Crime Insurance

Whether you suffer a loss of money, equipment or parts from a robbery or an unfortunate instance of employee theft, Auto Repair business crime insurance will cover your losses.
Contact Montgomery & Associates Insurance & Financial Services for help determining the needs and possible hazards your
Auto Repair business faces.  We will make sure you get the right auto repair business insurance tailored to your needs.

Auto Repair Shop Insurance: Multiple Quote * Low Rates & Premiums

We are an independent agency who provides multiple quote from multiple carriers to achieve the best rates and lowest premiums.
Montgomery & Associates proudly represents the following Carriers:
Safeco Insurance
Foremost Insurance Group
Progressive Insurance
American Strategic Insurance
Dozens of Excess and Surplus Lines Carriers 


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